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The Unexpected Importance of Desert Dust

CB058182BBC Arabic News: “Scientists say that the desert dust is important in an unexpected way. It provides rich nutrients for marine life. When the dust lands in the sea it helps feed microscopic plankton. This microscopic plankton forms an important part of the food chain and absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.”


BBC Provided the following vocab words:

dust storms – عواصف تحتوي علي غبار

Saharaa Desert – الصحراء

thin film of dust – ذرات خفيفة من الغبار

dust – غبار

whipped up – تعبير المقصود منه أن الرياح بسبب قوتها أنتجت الغبار بشكل سريع و عنيف

high altitude – أرتفاعات عالية

ends up – تنتهي في – تصل أخيراً إلي مكان ما

hunting down – تصيد / تقصي العواصف

a wall of dust – جدار من الغبار

hazy – غير واضح – ضبابي

rich nutrients – مواد غذائية غنية

marine life – الحياة البحرية

microscopic plankton – عوالق صغيرة

food chain – السلسلة الغذائية

absorbs – تمتص





2 thoughts on “The Unexpected Importance of Desert Dust

  1. the miracles of the ALMIGHTY never fail to amaze me.we are indeed a speck of creation in HIS vast universe yet HE has time to listen to us.great blog.avid follower

  2. Maa Shaa Allaah Laa Quwatta illaa Billaah. I was taken aback when I read the BBC quote. I couldn’t do anything but praise Allaah and ask for His forgiveness. I no longer complain about the dust here. I reflected on other things like the wind (and how irritated some become when it blows), how kids sing “rain, rain go away,” and how some hate the winter time. May Allaah pardon our ignorance and lack of gratitude.

    Jazaakillaahu khairan for your comment.

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