12 thoughts on “Natural Remedies

  1. I would like to know what does the sunnah recommend for women who are trying to gain weight? and to bring color to their cheeks?

  2. Click here for info on weight gain. I will update the post very, very soon. As for bringing color to the cheeks, I will write a seperate post In Shaa Allaah.

    I hope it works out for you.


  3. what is the treatment for women infertility specially due to irregular periods or not prodcing eggs(ovulation) regularly..

  4. asalaam alaikum dear admin can you kindly let me know were i can get warss ceylon cornel tree i am from the uk but i cant find it on the internet can you help?

  5. Wa ‘alaikumus salaam. I intend to reopen my herb and natural remedy online store soon, In Shaa Allaah. It seems that Western cultures aren’t aware of the benefits Warss, therefore, it’s not readily available for sale in those societies. I have yet to find an online store in the UK or elsewhere selling this product. Allaah truly Knows Best. I will help you as soon as I am able.

    Baarakallaahu feeki.

  6. Anya… Date Palm Pollen Powder mixed with honey is recommended prior to intercourse. – Healing with the Medicine of the Prophet by Ibn Qayyim al Jawziyyah (under Tal’).

    Black Seed will help your eggs to mature and regulate your cycle. I will create a special thread on this issue In Shaa Allaah. My hadeeth teacher told us that Shaykh ‘Uthaymeen mentioned in this book (explanation of ‘Umdatul Ahkaam) that if you say astaghfirullaah, Allaah will make firm (in your head) the knowledge you have sought. He (rahimahullaah) based this off of Allaah’s statement:

    Verily, the rising by night (for Tahajjud prayer) is very hard and most potent and good for governing (the soul), and most suitable for (understanding) the Word (of Allâh).

    Al-Muzzammil 73:6

    The Shaykh also said if you are suffering from infertility, say astaghfirullaah and Allaah will give you offspring. If you are in poverty, say it and He will increase your rizq. He also advised the students to say this before a dars (lesson). – Allaahu Aa’lam. We see from the many articles we forward by the scholars that istighfaar and taqwaa is key. I ask Allaah to make this something that we do all the time.

    Hanan try eating coleslaw. Substitute the mayo for lemon and Parsley. This is what some Lebanese women do to naturally bring color to their faces. I will post more on this as well bi idhnillaah.

    Sani – Golden Seal is called Khatam adh Dhahab. I believe there’s a second name. Will get back to you regarding the other herbs.

    Aameen iyyaaki yaa Maaria.


  7. Salam Alikum I am looking a warss celon cornel tree how can I get I am live in New York .please give me a answer.

  8. Salam alaikum. Regarding my last, I’m looking for the english word for the arabic herb ja3da. I’ve only found it in palestine.

  9. Wa alaikumus salaam wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh, Em Saada. Ja3dah is called Teucrium Polium / Teucrium Capitatum (commonly known as Felty Germander).

    Re: Warss – Wa ‘alaikumus salaam. I’m sorry. I don’t know of any online retailers currently selling this product.

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