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Hijrah – Actions are by Intentions

  As salaamu ‘alaikum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh. Actions are by Intentions On the authority of ‘Umar bin Al-Khattaab (radhiyallaahu ‘anhu), who said: I heared the Messenger of Allaah (sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) say: “Actions are but by intention and every man shall have but that which he intended. Thus he whose migration was for … Continue reading

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'Arabic / Seeking Knowledge

The Linguisitic Definition of the Word Masjid

بسم اللّه الرّحمان الرّحيم    The Linguisitic Definition of the Word Masjid     Question: What is the Masjid linguistically and religously?   Answer: Linguistically, the Masjid is the place of prostration. Religously, it is everything that is built for the Muslims to offer the five daily prayers in congregation. It is also used to refer … Continue reading

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FYI / Healing with the Medicine of the Prophet / Health

Treating Those Touched by the Evil Eye

The Prophet’s Guidance on Treating Those Touched by the Evil Eye Imaam Muslim (and Ahmad, Ibn Hibban, Al Hakim, and At Tabaraani رحمهم الله) narrated that Ibn ‘Abbaas (رضي الله عنهما) said, TheMessenger of Allaah (صلى الله عليه وسلم) said:“The evil eye is true and if there’s anything that would precede Predestination it would bethe evil eye.” Also, Muslim (رحمه الله) narrated that … Continue reading

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