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view full image “‘Azama (عزم), ‘azm & ‘azeemah (عزيمة) are verbs with many meanings, from them; “to #invite.” ‘Uzoomah – noun meaning #invitation and #banquet. #Western #Muslims tend to say #gathering when hosting a #dinner #party sans the music. Here in #Saudi_Arabia a #gathering as such is called an ‘azeemah and unlike banquets which are … Continue reading

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Photo: Nesting in the Sun

I took this shot while standing under an empty bird’s nest settled in tree whose branches cascaded over an old grape vineyard. Such a peaceful scene. I took my sweet time strolling around this once inhabited farm taking in all the warmth and serenity. It’s quite nice to stop once in a while and listen … Continue reading

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FYI / What's Going on in the Gulf?

Relief for Female Expat Teachers

The Interior and Labor Ministries have taken a joint decision allowing legal and qualified dependents of expatriates to work in the education sector. The decision has been widely welcomed by expat female teachers, school authorities and parents. They said it would help international schools operate without fear. “Legal dependents of expatriate workers … will be … Continue reading

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