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Relief for Female Expat Teachers

The Interior and Labor Ministries have taken a joint decision allowing legal and qualified dependents of expatriates to work in the education sector. The decision has been widely welcomed by expat female teachers, school authorities and parents. They said it would help international schools operate without fear. “Legal dependents of expatriate workers … will be … Continue reading

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Rule that bans expats from sponsoring sons above 21 years may be revoked

Falih Al-Dhibyani Saudi Gazette JEDDAH – The Passport Directorate has sent a proposal to the Ministry of Interior suggesting a change to the recent decision that barred expatriate parents from sponsoring sons above 21 years of age as dependents, said Lt. Col. Badar Al-Malik, spokesman for the directorate. “We expect to receive a response from … Continue reading

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How to Research Teaching and Living Conditions

Fortunately for English teachers investigating jobs in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere, the internet makes this kind of research easy.

Read more at Suite101: TEFL-TESL Jobs in Saudi Arabia: Arabia Offers English Teachers High Salaries and Lavish Benefits Continue reading

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