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Photo – Habalah

Hello, desertdiaries just shared an Instagram photo with you: view full image “Ferris Wheel – Photo taken in “Habalah,” SW KSA. – Habalah is an #old #village that sits halfway down an impressive #cliff 63kilos southeast of #Abha. Habalah means #rope #valley or ‘the #ropes’, (a reference to the fact that this village built of … Continue reading

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Photo: Sawarat Mountains – A Bird’s Eye View

The Sarawat or the Sarat is a mountain range running parallel to the western coast of the Arabian Peninsula and is among the Peninsula’s most prominent geographical features. The Sarawat starts from the border of Jordan in the north to the Gulf of Aden in the south, running through Saudi Arabia and Yemen. The range’s … Continue reading

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Family Oriented Fun / Peep a Pic / Photos / Saudi Villages / Tourism / Travel

Photo: Nesting in the Sun

I took this shot while standing under an empty bird’s nest settled in tree whose branches cascaded over an old grape vineyard. Such a peaceful scene. I took my sweet time strolling around this once inhabited farm taking in all the warmth and serenity. It’s quite nice to stop once in a while and listen … Continue reading

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