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view full image “‘Azama (عزم), ‘azm & ‘azeemah (عزيمة) are verbs with many meanings, from them; “to #invite.” ‘Uzoomah – noun meaning #invitation and #banquet. #Western #Muslims tend to say #gathering when hosting a #dinner #party sans the music. Here in #Saudi_Arabia a #gathering as such is called an ‘azeemah and unlike banquets which are … Continue reading

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FYI / Health / Natural Pain Relief

Kaffu Maryam

Kaffu Maryam – The Rose of Jericho Useful as a fertility aide. Relieves pain and discomfort associated with pregnancy, labor and delivery. Speeds up the birthing process. Useful as a feminine wash during post-natal bleeding and the regular menstrual cycle. *Kaffu Maryam is generally soaked in water overnight, then drank in the morning. I’ll update … Continue reading

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Any Sisters Seeking to Work in Abha, Saudi Arabia? – ESL Positions Available

As salaamu ‘alaikunna wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh dear sisters! I hope all’s well with you and yours. I’m writing you on behalf of my sponsor who’s currently looking for ESL instructors from America and South Africa. He’s ready to process your residency permit (iqaamah) and bring you over ASAP. If you’re already in the Kingdom … Continue reading

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