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Moroccan Clay – All Natural Alternative for Soap, Shampoo & More

Why Moroccan Women love Rhassoul Clay

Moisturizing and full of minerals, Rhassoul clay has been the beauty treatment of choice for generations of women in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco.

Not all clays are created equal. Rhassoul differs from others in its unique composition. Whilst it is extremely absorbent and great for cleansing the skin, it is moisturizing as well. Many clays are known to strip oil from the skin, however, treatment with Rhassoul clay leaves skin buttery soft.

Rhassoul is a pinkish beige coloured volcanic clay of a smectic or swelling type. Mined from the volcanic rock under the foothills of the Atlas Mountains – it is packed with minerals including: Silica, Magnesium, Iron, Calcium Potassium and Sodium.

Its high mineral content means it is extremely effective as a detox treatment – replacing compounds such as toxic metals and oily compounds through a process of ion exchange. At the same time the clay gently buffs and polishes the skin producing an immediate and noticeable improvement in smoothness and tone which has been verified in test conditions.

In Arabic ‘Rhassoul’ means ‘the matter which washes.’ The clay has been used as a soap, shampoo and skin conditioner for more than a thousand years. Not surprisingly – Rhassoul clay treatments are now featured in some of the swankiest spas in the world.

Rhassoul clay is completely non-irritating to the skin and scalp and can be used as an excellent treatment for them both whereas it cleanses without removing protective sebum.

In hair care treatments, rhassoul clay will enhance volume and add gloss and shine without excess oil. Used as a hair cleanser or treatment over time it can reduce the need for frequent hair washing and is very effective in anti dandruff shampoos or hair care for greasy hair.

As it is able to absorb excess oil and grease, Rhassoul clay is effective in the treatment of blemishes – especially black and whiteheads.

The properties of this unique clay make it a superb choice for cosmetic scientists and dermatologists seeking naturally active hair or skin care ingredients. Its range of applications is extremely wide – shampoos, soaps, body washes, hair and face masks, exfoliants, body polishers, wraps – and it offers efficacy based on generations of testimony from popular use.

Rhassoul clay is a completely natural product.

Source: Natural

Rhassoul (aka Ghassoul Maghribi) starts at a mere five Riyaals per “dish.” Half kilo, ten Riyaals. Finer grades in powered form are available starting at 25 Riyaals per bag at most natural beauty products stores and marketplaces kingdom-wide.



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