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Health Benefits of Oak Apples (Mature Content)

Oak Gall (Quercus Infectoria) is a plant or shrub native to Asian countries that have certain phytochemical properties that are beneficial for women’s overall health.

The extract of this shrub is very rich in Tannins which constrict the vaginal wall and tissues. In medicine, this effect is known as “astringent properties.”

Interestingly, it has an ability to kill or inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, and fungi.

It’s antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetes and acts as a local anesthetic due to other phytochemical content isolated from the shrub (gallic acids, ellagic acid, piperonylic acid ester, antioxidants, calcium, fiber, vitamin A and C, iron, carbohydrates, and protein). This is the most potent botanical source for women who want to tighten their private area.

Over time, age and frequent intercourse, the vaginal wall becomes thin due to decreased collagen expression in its tissues, making the vagina lose its elasticity and firmness.

Imagine when the collagen in your skin decreases. It becomes wrinkled, loose and dry. That’s why the benefits of Oak Gall for the female organ is referred to as “natural vaginal rejuvenation” as it has an ability to rejuvenate the vaginal wall – including vaginal muscles – due to its estrogenic properties.

Narrowing the vaginal opening can be obtained in a natural way. Increasing collagen production to the vaginal wall produces thick and tight vaginal tissues. This is completely different from surgical procedures which cut the vaginal wall in order to narrow the opening. As surgeon associations have said, this process also cuts a lot of nerves in the vagina which eventually makes women experience numbness or loss of sensitivity. In fact, this negative effect can be permanent. Some women reported they needed years to feel the sensation again. Therefore, for women who want to tighten up and rejuvenate their vagina naturally and safe, Oak Gall is one of the best answers.

In addition, as explained before, Oak Gall also has antimicrobial properties which is beneficial for vaginal health.
At least two studies have shown these properties. One study from the Department of Biomedical Science/University Kebangsaan Malaysia, published in the Indian Journal of Pharmacology 2005; 37:26-9. They said “Our findings were also supported by other researchers who reported that the crude powder was found to be active against Staphylococcus Auerus (staph infection) and Bacteria Subtilis while both the methanol and aqueous extracts were active against Staphylococcus Epidermis.”

Other studies can be found in a journal written by the Department of Pathology, Faculty of Medicine, Prince of Songkla University, Thailand, Journal of Electron Microscopy (Tokyo): published 2009 Oct;(58(5):315-20.



Whole Oak Apples (aka Oak Gall) or its powdered form can be purchased at most herbal stores in the Kingdom starting at 15 Riyaals.

***Q/A with Dr. Jaabir al Qahtani.

The doctor was asked how to use Oak Gall to tighten the vagina after giving birth. He said to wash your private part with it. Take a “hafnah” (حفنة -handful) of Oak Gall powder, boil it (in a pot) with two cups of water for five minutes then; allow it to cool and purify (i.e. let the contents settle at the bottom of the pot. Wash your private area twice a day with the remaining water (don’t use the powder at the bottom of the pot). Wash once in the morning and once again at night.

Excerpt Source: Alf Su-aal wa Jawaab fee Ilmil Aa’shaab.

If you prefer a ready-made remedy, ask for “Asful Bikr.” Directions and contents may vary.

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