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Saudi Artists {Part 2}

Every now and again Saudi artists exhibit their work at various museums, festivals and local malls throughout the Kingdom. Some have even gone on to display their creations in shows as far away as the U.S and Italy.

The slideshow below is a compilation of a few paintings that were on display a few months ago at ‘Aseer Mall, located in Khamees Mushayt, KSA.

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Architecture & Landscape – I adore the painting that somewhat resembles this step farming village. The architecture and landscape truthfully depict the era of life after “the tents,” up until a time prior to living in high-rise apartment complexes and elaborate villas. The mountains in the distance and the relatively opaque sky are eye-catching. One could witness a scene such as this in living color on any given day between June and October. There are various bodies of water in this region, too. You’ll find rivers that cascade over rocks then descend into plunge pools. There are several lakes, streams and ponds, as well. I’m anxious to visit local waterfalls just to get a peep inside shallow cave-like formations hidden behind some of them.

Some homes were built and painted a bit differently than others. I believe it has to do with tribal pride and status. I’ve been invited out to a nearby village called Sarat Abedah. I hope to ask and learn about all these things from the locals there, In Shaa Allaah. Another question I have, why the herbage on the rooftops? I know villagers burn things like Wormwood (شيح – Sheeh) to expel snakes, vermin, insects and such from their homes, but why place plants and things on the rooves? Substitute bug repellant? Décor? Boy, do I have a lot of inquiries.

The Weather – As stated many times before, precipitation is no stranger to ‘Aseer. We see downpours galore and hail storms often. Local kids like to set out pails to catch hailstones then munch on their own homemade version of fruity Italian Ice. I’m not sure what the artist was trying to express in the painting (that I) entitled “Storm,” but it looks like an abundance of rain if you ask me.

Windows – Notice the small windows? In real life – of course – each one’s strategically placed in effort to precisely tell prayer times. Built-in sundials… clever.

Doorways – I don’t know why most main entrances to age-old Arabian homes are so low. Perhaps it’s weather-related like the wooden slats I spoke of during my trip to Maslat Village. There may be some significance to the colors chosen to decorate the door. Will look into it, In Shaa Allaah.

*Artist Unknown

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Summer’s just getting started. More to come, In Shaa Allaah.

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