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Getting to the Root of Hair Problems – Part 2

​Arab News
Wednesday 22 May 2013

Last week you got one step closer to luscious, beautiful hair and a clean scalp as you learned tips and techniques from two hair experts, celebrity hairstylist Asgar and Haneefah Al-Amreekiyyah, medical assistant, freelance blogger/writer on natural beauty and Prophetic medicine. Here’s part two of the article in which they spill their sure-shot secrets to a healthier mane.

Arab News: I experience hair fall and roughness, which doesn’t happen in India or in Europe. I don’t know what is wrong here. It must be the desalinated seawater used for washing hair!

Asgar: “The best way to repair your scalp and provide the hair with the grip they require is through oil massaging. You can massage your hair with oils like coconut, mustard and almond. Choose the oil that suits your scalp. Do massage at night or two hours before you’re going to wash your head. This will fulfill the need of nutrition to the hair roots.

“Something as small as eating right goes a long way to determining how your hair will look. Include a balanced diet that’s rich in protein, iron and carbohydrates, and drink enough water. The ingredients in your shampoo and conditioner are also important, and play a vital part in achieving healthy locks.”

Haneefah Al-Amreekiyyah: “Research suggests that salt makes hair very soft, smooth and adds volume when mixed with a conditioner and used as a treatment — not a staple hair care item. Many commercial shampoos and conditioners already have salt in them. The presence of salt in your everyday hair care products plus washing with salty seawater equals super dry, damaged hair. Salt is abrasive, rubs away at cuticles and the scalp causing damage and hair loss. Salt dehydrates, strips hair of oil, takes off the hair’s outer keratin coating and breaks down protein bonds. Try using natural shampoos — without salt, a water softener or purifier and all natural conditioners.

Arab News: I have lice. What am I to do?

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