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Getting to the Root of Hair Problems

Wednesday 15 May 2013

The desire for a lustrous mane is the desire of every woman, but its reality is one that eludes many. Arab News gathered some of the main hair-related concerns of women across the country and asked two experts, celebrity hairstylist Asgar and Haneefah Al-Amreekiyyah, medical assistant and freelance blogger/writer on natural beauty and Prophetic medicine, for their insight. The result was an A-to-Z guide on hair care, from modern hair treatments and techniques to grandma-style tips. Here are four common hair problems and their solutions:

1. My hair becomes very dry and tough to manage. Its shine is completely lost.

Asgar: You can opt for an intensive hair repair treatment, which is suitable for dry and dull hair. This treatment is a deep conditioner that is used to add moisture and shine to hair. The state of your hair is an indication of your general state of health. Make sure you drink plenty of water and fruit juices and always keep hydrated; you’ll find the effects reflected in your hair and skin.

HAA: Do away with toxic haircare products. These chemical-laden “goods” are great at producing facades. Your hair will become damaged through repeated use over time. There are all-natural haircare product alternatives, from baking soda to mayo and egg conditioner and from green tea rinses to linseed hair gel. Treat your hair with a paste of dried ground lotus leaves mixed with lukewarm water. Apply to the entire hair shaft. Cover your head. Leave the mixture for 15 minutes. Rinse with cold water (to close the follicles). Massage your scalp with your fingertips until the water runs clear.

Lotus leaf is among the best purifiers for the head, mentioned in “At Tibbun Nabawi” by Imam Dhahabi. Lotus leaf also softens the hair. Seal your hair with a natural leave-in conditioner. Lightly pat with a towel. Air-dry your mane instead of using a blowdryer, or put the blowdryer on the lowest possible setting if absolutely necessary. Give yourself a weekly hot-oil treatment. Among those recommended are: plain or sweet almond oil, arnica oil, lettuce oil, watercress oil, castor oil, olive oil and rosemary oil.

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