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Expats May Apply for Exit Visas Saturday

Excerpt from Arab News…

Saudi Passport authorities will begin Saturday the exit process of all expatriates who want to leave the country, announced Indian Consul General Faiz Ahmed Kidwai.

Although Kidwai was speaking specifically about Indian citizens, the exit process applies to all expats regardless of nationality.

Kidwai emphasized that biometric data will not be used to bar any worker re-entry into the Kingdom as announced by the Saudi authorities. He also added that presenting an air ticket is not necessary.

He also said that labor offices throughout the Kingdom have launched special kafala (sponsorship) transfer area for expediting the process of change of sponsorship with the condition that transfer must take place in the same area in which the new sponsor resides. The service is also made available online.

The consul general said the Indian Consulate will issue emergency certificates beginning Tuesday. It will deliver 500 emergency certificates on June 30, according to serial number of registration base.

He also added that emergency certificates will be delivered in Abha on May 23 and on the same day in Bisha. Certificates will also be delivered to Makkah on June 1, and in Taif and Al Baha on June 13, Najran on June 27, Yanbu on June 6 and Tabuk on June 20.

Full article.

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