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Lisaanul Bahr

Lisaanul Bahr  is called Meerschaum in English (meaning sea froth/sea foam) in solid form.

Lisaan al Bahr in powder form is called Sepiolite which is a soft white porous clay mineral, a complex magnesium silicate.


Lisaan al Bahr (Solid Form)

Zabad al Bahr (aka Lisaan al Bahr) is one of several sought-after natural remedies among women in the Middle East. All of the pre-soiree raves are due to its ability to remove freckles, give the skin a nice glow and treat what is known as ترهل “tarahhul” (translated to mean flabbiness and obesity).

Unfortunately, in the Western world Meerschaum is used to carve elaborate tobacco pipes and make kitty litter among other things.

DIY Recipe:

  • Lisaanul Bahr (powder form)
  • Liquid Glycerin
  • Glysolid Cream
  • Cocoa Butter

Facial Freckles – After combining the ingredients, apply. Leave on from 1 – 2 hours or more. Wash. Moisturize.

Body Freckles: Mix one cup of Meerschaum powder with one liter of pure apple cider vinegar and one cup of Turkish coffee in a sterile glass container. The mixture should last for a week at room temperature. When you’re ready to use it, anoint your freckles with the paste. Cover with plastic wrap (i.e. Saran Wrap), leave on for at least two hours. After that, remove the covering, rub your body well in circular motions. Rinse. Moisturize. This recipe can be used daily, Wallaahu Aa’lam.

Lisaanul Bahr is a cheaper, yet effective alternative to body wraps. Mmm hmm. And you can do this at home. Win, win!

Flabbiness – Follow the directions above. For best results, use an at-home steamer. They run as low as 99 SAR with free home delivery. Check Al Osboiyah and Al Waseem weekly circulars for more info on ordering.

I’ll update this article with more photos and recipes soon, In Shaa Allaah.


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