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Step Farming

Step Farming – Abha Saudi Arabia

Abha is a small city in southwestern Saudi Arabia blessed with frequent rain. Its breath-taking mountains, soothing greenery and gorgeous skies force me to smile upon glance every time. My thoughts get lost in pickle pear patches of red, yellow and orange. I often wonder about the rich history of my new home. Yes, my new home. I’ve been living in Abha for the past five or so months – Alhamdulillaah. I’ll tell you all about how I ended up here in another post. On the to photo (smiles)…

Step Farming

Step farming is commonly known as “terracing,” {dividing a slope into a step-like system of flat narrow fields. Dictionary.com}

In agriculture, a terrace is a leveled section of a hilly cultivated area designed  to conserve soil and retard or foil rapid surface runoff of irrigation water. The land is formed into terraces giving a “stepped” appearance.

Abha sees 600 mm of rainfall per year. I love peering out the window watching humongous raindrops land in mini muddy rivers running through the streets all while asking Allaah to make it beneficial. My fingertips itch with anticipation as the storm ends so that I may snap a shot of the sun peeping through the clouds in the sky. This humble little city full of farms and lush parks has definitely awakened the sleeping shutter-bug in me. Looking forward to sharing more, In Shaa Allaah.


2 thoughts on “Step Farming

  1. maashaaAllaah…just beautiful! i love the diversity of Saudi Arabia and that all that we knew or thought we knew of the “desert” is discredited and replaced with truth!

  2. Agreed, tabaarakallaah. Saudi Arabia has more to offer than sand and date palm trees.

    Abha is simply beautiful, albeit nippy :)

    When I have time to come up for air I’ll blog more about the city and post photos, In Shaa Allaah.

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