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Photos: Family Oriented Fun – Stationary Fantasies

Rawaai-ul Maktabaat - Prince Sultan St., Jeddah KSA

Kid’s water park, stationery store & family entertainment center. Some children’s activities include:

  • arts and crafts
  • toddler play area
  • baking
  • sand play

Suaad's Box o' Delights

Children can opt to make their own chocolate candies using whatever ingredients they wish or buy ready-made delights while moms sit back and enjoy a hot cup of relaxation.

Let them find their inner crafster…

Suaad’s Wooden Airplane

Or, go for a swim….

Stationary Fantasies

There are two pools for toddlers complete with spray fountains, small aquatic-themed slides and bouncy rockers. Older kids have a huge separate pool (picture above).

Main Water Slide and Fun House

The air lift, (some sort of) motor ride, burger joint and water slides makes this place a huge hit with younger children in the summer as well as during ‘Eid.

Bird’s Eye View of Stationary Fantasies

There are separate entrances and changing rooms (of course), benches, outside tables and chairs to enjoy drinks/meals, and a small store near the front entrance to buy swimming gear such as towels, goggles, etc.

Rawaai-ul Maktabaat opens after ‘Asr till 11 or 12 midnight (summer hours).

8 thoughts on “Photos: Family Oriented Fun – Stationary Fantasies

  1. Jazaakum Allaahu khairaa you are getting quite good at this……This place has been on my list for years for places to go…. I have heard that the water park is free….do you have any information on prices for these activities and if women can even enter the pool area to help with the kids….I have heard that they can’t.
    May Allaah reward you with good!

  2. I stumbled upon their number in the online summer issue of (). The entrance fee is 65sr per child
    20sr for adults
    Women may enter the water park area but can not swim of course
    Girls under 140cm are permitted to swim
    For more information call 02 682 7730

  3. Aameen wa iyyaaki. I appreciate the info you provided!

    There’s so much to do in Jeddah. I’ll compile a list of fun places to visit. Summer camps are going all over the city as well.

    Baarakallaahu feeki.

  4. A project discussed by myself and other moms well over a year ago. High time we get it out. In Shaa Allaah a list will be compiled and published on the blog.

  5. As “S Steel” mentioned above, swimmers above 140cm are not permitted in the pool and Allaah Knows Best. There’s always the stationary store and family entertainment center for them to enjoy.

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