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Save A SAR: DIY – How I Fixed My Kitchen & Bathroom Sink

DIY – The phrase “do it yourself” came into common usage in the 1950s in reference to various jobs that people could do in and around their own homes without the help of professionals. People continue to use the term DIY to refer to fabricating or repairing things for the home rather than purchasing them or paying for professional repair. In other words, home improvement done by the householder without the aid of paid professionals. DIY also refers to arts and crafts projects.

How I Fixed My Kitchen & Bathroom Sink

A variety of drain cleaners are available at local supermarkets starting at a mere 6.45 SAR. The average plumber charges 45 or so SAR per hour to unclog a pipe. You can save time and money by doing it yourself. You do not have to rely on your haaris or local workers for everything (it’s contagious, I know, I know).

Do Go Drain Opener

It’s quite easy to unclog a kitchen drain. This is what I did…

  1. poured some DOGO powder down the drain followed by steaming, hot water
  2. waited a few seconds while it fizzed
  3. ran cool water down the drain to flush out the gook

It took longer for the water to boil than it did to clear out the kitchen pipes.

Handy Wire Hanger

As for the bathroom sink: One of my siblings reminded me of the old hanger manuever . It worked just as fast as the DOGO powder. I was quite surprised.

All you have to do is:

  1. undo the wire hanger
  2. straighten out the hook & as much of the hanger as possible (it’s easier to work with that way)
  3. stick the straightened hook  into the drain as far as it’ll go
  4. turn it a bit and pull upwards (slightly)
The old hanger maneuver

The old hanger maneuver

If the water does not begin to recede, jiggle the hanger inside the drain again.

Su’aad stopped up the  toilet by tossing a bar of glycerin soap into the commode – fun times. Glycerin melts pretty fast, so I decided to pour in some boiling water then gave it a flush. It did not move. I threw in another pot of boiled water, plunged for a few seconds and it went down. No plumber needed, no money spent.

Personal Insights to the Benefits of DIY:

Saves money

  • Remember, most repairmen charge by the hour. Do you REALLY think they want to unclog your pipes in 10 seconds flat when they charge by the hour? Really?
  • Even if they charged a flat rate regardless of how long it may take, you save with DIY.
  • You’ll avoid being overcharged.

Saves time

  • Unclogging your own pipes with some inexpensive powder/hot water or a hanger takes less time than it does to give repairmen directions to your home which probably doesn’t have an address to begin with (ha ha ha).
  • Waiting on the haaris or repairmen to simply arrive is an inconvenience. You put off certain necessary tasks waiting for people only for them to show up late, a few days later or not at all. Welcome to the land of  “Bukrah wa ghadan thumma ba’dayn.”
  • (Possible) Language barriers – no need to expound


  • You do not have to bring strange men into your home (great for single/divorced/widowed sisters and women with husbands working double shifts).
  • You do not have to become a prisoner in your own home (sisters) by hiding in a room while the men work

Cleanliness and other stuff

  • No dirty work boots tracking dirt and filth around your home.
  • No or less mess to clean up afterwards (you do not have to undo any pipes thus you’ll avoid a water or gook spill).
  • No loud machinery.
  • No (real) tools required.


  • That wonderful feeling you get when you fix/accomplish something and the energy you feel to do more.
  • Sweet Incentives…the smiles and compliments you get from your loved ones for a job well done.

Brain Food

  • You’re exercising your mind and creative skills.
  • The children are watching even when it seems as if they are not. They’re being taught to think and solve their own problems in a productive way.

More later In Shaa Allaah.


4 thoughts on “Save A SAR: DIY – How I Fixed My Kitchen & Bathroom Sink

  1. Mashallah, I know what u mean. All my lightbulbs went out and I needed them changed. I have really high ceillings about 12-13ft. Usually one would have to call the watchman, wait for him to find a ladder, wait for him to find light bulbs, wait until after salat, and on and on. Alhumdulilah I have my own ladder. I said Bismillah and changed 4 bulbs. Did not have to wait, get all dressed, speak broken Arabic/Urdu/English…
    Another drain tip, Clorox. I usually pour a little in the bathroom floor drain, and the kitchen floor drain for any mold buildup.

  2. Changing a light bulb is risky, real risky. You’re brave!

    I keep a special hanger in my guest bathroom. That sink clogs up twice a week it seems.

    I looooove DIY-ing. Will share some more pics and tips later on this week :)

  3. I’ll show you how to put up curtain rods with minimum drilling tonight In Shaa Allaah. Here’s another reason to DIY, Wallaahu Aa’lam…

    Question: If only my wife and young children are at home is it permissible for workers to come and do maintenance?

    Answer: There is no problem with this if the women vacate the house. Now if the women remain in the house then it isn’t permissible for the workers to enter. The owner of this house shouldn’t be pleased with the action of a worker coming to his house while his wife is there.

    *The question was asked again.*

    Answer: Those young children aren’t considered Mahram for her. The workers will prevent the woman from the areas in her house that need cleaning. She must leave the house. Men are not keeper for women, in particularly the ignorant who work for money.

    Source Shaykh Zayd al Madkhalee

    Translated by Abu Aaliyah Abdullah Battle

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