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Hejaazi Word List #5

Hejaazi Arabic is a term used to describe the variety of the ‘Arabic spoken in the western region of Saudi ‘Arabia. Although, strictly speaking, there are two distinct dialects spoken in the Hejaaz region, one by the Bedouins and another by the urban population. The term most often applies to the urban variety, spoken in cities such as Jeddah, Makkah, Taa’if, Rabigh, Yanbu’ and Madeenah. It is the most widely understood dialect of ‘Arabic in the ‘Arabian Peninsula and appears to be closely related to the ‘Arabic dialects of Egypt and Sudan.

Urban Hejaazi vocabulary differs considerably from that of other dialects in the ‘Arabian Peninsula. This includes functional vocabulary, as well as vocabulary related to objects and things. For example, there are fewer specialized terms related to desert life and more terms related to seafaring and fishing. Due to the diverse origins of the inhabitants of Hejazi cities, many borrowings from the dialects of Egypt, Syria and Yemen exist. Five centuries of Turkish rule have also had a major influence. Some common Hejaazi words include:

  • kaman meaning “as well”
  • lissa meaning “till now”
  • addeeni and its derivatives, generally meaning “to give”
  • fein meaning “where”
  • ablah – a term of respect for an elder female figure, such as a schoolteacher
  • abuya meaning “my father”
  • akhuya meaning “my brother”
  • farah meaning “wedding”

{State Master Encyclopedia}

Word List #5

بسرعة – Bi-sur’ah: Quickly. Hejaazi term: قوامن – Qawaamin (or Ghawaamin).

رَشْفَة – Rashfah: Sip (noun) also حسوة, مَصَّة. Hejaazi term: جغمة – Jughmah.

مِقْلاة – Miqlaah: Frying pan. Hejaazi term: طاوة – Taawah.

أخرج – Ukhruj: Get out. Hejaazi term: أندر – Andur.

To be continued…

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I am not upon a high level of knowledge when it comes to the ‘Arabic Language. I am still treading the path, Walhamdulillaah. If there’s some misinformation in either of the word lists, post a correction in the comment section. Baarakallaahu feekum.

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