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 Go Wireless Internet Broadband Service
  •  Free Go 4G Wi-Fi modem.
  •  +4 extra months when subscribing to a 1 year plan.
  • +2 extra months when subscribing to a 6 month plan.

Service Includes

  • Wireless Internet Broadband (no phone line needed)
  • Internet Broadband connections with various attractive plans up to 2 Mbps.
  • Plug & Enjoy wireless connection… no messy set up or configuration with our WiFi modem.
  • “Over the Air” technical support.
  • Plans that satisfy your usage and wallet.
There are several ways to acquire Go services:
  • Go’s web site
  • via Maktab Sadad
  • phone order: (toll-free number) 800 111 0000
  • pay upon delivery
Click here to see if Go is available in your area.

Employment Opportunities


  • Technical & Operational
  • IT
  • Programs Management
  • Finance
  • Commercial
  • Human Resources & Administration
  • Regulatory Affairs
Upload your resume by clicking here.

*Desert Diaries Product/Service Review Pending

2 thoughts on “Go

  1. Jazaaki Allahu khayran.

    We live in Madinah and after checking around decided to get Go about three months ago. It has been very good, ma shaa Allah and very inexpensive. Considering how expensive it is to get external Internet cards here, when my husband needed Internet access at his workplace, before they got their system in place, he simply popped the Go modem into his computer case, plugged it in an outlet in his office and everyone enjoyed Internet for ‘free.’ I highly recommend this as an option to anyone who can get the service in their area.

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