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Word List #4

يا بلاشYaa balaashdiscount or the like.

يا سلام Yaa salaam! “Goodness/Oh my goodness!”

زفاف Zifaaf نكاح Nikaah – Wedding, marriage. {There is a more comprehensive meaning to the word Nikaah}

حشيش Hasheesh عُشْب ‘Ushb – Grass
  • Hasheesh – herb, pasture, hay.
  • Hasheesh – Cannabis.
I was chatting with a friend at the park one early fall night. I pointed out how quickly the grass went from green to brown. I used the word ‘ushb. She did not understand me and I couldn’t think of an alternative way to express myself, so I ran my fingers over the grass. She said, “Ahhhhhh, naqul hasheesh.”

شغالة Shaghaalah خادِمَة Khaadimah – Housemaid/servant.

I am far from knowledgeable…still learning. Feel free to send feedback or corrections via the comment section In Shaa Allaah. Billaahit tawfeeq.


Trying to fix the font :)

4 thoughts on “Word List #4

  1. I’m sorry to write on your blog but this is just informatiom which i wanted to chare concerning your post. Please feel free to delete it .

    Balaash which is used in Al Qaseem ,meaning “Free” which is actually ‘Bilaa Shayy’ which means ‘without anything’ in Fushaa.

    Tarsh is actually ‘Tatreesh’ which is to vomit & it is fusha too from the baab ‘taf’eel’.

    There is one thing which i have noticed over the years. All the colloquial words have a basis in the fushaa , like for example ‘yesh’ si actually ‘ayyu shayy’ & this list is long.

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