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Tips for the Newbie: Understanding Your Electric Bill


000000000 ====== 30/02/1430

This is not a copy of a full-fledged bill. I will just point out the main things that you’ll need to look for.

1. Your account number:

    رقم الحسابAccount Number – The (faux) nine digit account number above is 000000000

2. Often times unnecessary, however….

    رقم الفاتورةBill/Invoice Number – Not shown here but you’ll see it on your bill right next to your account number.

3. How much is due:

    المبلغ المطلوب – Amount Owed – 61.50 SAR

4. And then there’s the Date of the Bill: تاريخ الفاتورة

  • 1430/year, 02/month, 30/day (per the example above).

Don’t worry about what the rest of your bill says, just focus on the perforated part at the bottom.

If you misplace your bill or need some help, log on to After typing in your account number, your bill will be brought up for your convenience.

Your actual bill will be in the ‘Arabic Language, however, when you view it on-line, only the words will be in ‘Arabic. The numbers will look exactly like the examples above.

I’m having trouble with centering the bill…pardon me.

Billaahit tawfeeq. Was salaamu ‘alaikum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh.


3 thoughts on “Tips for the Newbie: Understanding Your Electric Bill

  1. i cant believe you actually sat down and figured this out, my husband always picks the bill up from outside, i think i paid this bill once and the rest of the time was him

  2. Save a SAR:

    Although most people here in the Kingdom find the cost of electricity relatively cheap, it won’t hurt to try these energy saving tips.

    How to Reduce Energy Use

    Minimize the number of times you open the oven, refrigerator and freezer doors, or remove a lid from a pot.

    Reduce cooking times by thawing frozen foods in the refrigerator beforehand. Putting frozen items in the refrigerator also reduces the amount of energy it needs to use to maintain its low temperature.

    Match the size of any pots or skillets you use on the stove top elements. There’s no need to use the energy required to heat up the largest element when you’re only using the smallest pot in the kitchen.

    Turn the heat down to the lowest setting that maintains boiling – higher heat just escapes round the side of the pot or boils the liquid faster, it doesn’t increase the temperature of the liquid above boiling or cook its contents faster.

    Use a toaster oven or microwave instead of the stove oven whenever possible.

    *There are pros/cons to using a microwave.*

    Optimize the use of a preheated oven by cooking several dishes, either at once, or in a row.

    Keep appliances and pots/pans clean. The cleaner the surface, the more efficiently it can transmit heat (or lack thereof).

    Don’t turn on the oven too soon before you need it. Just a few minutes may be all that’s necessary for pre-heating. Turn off the oven or stove top a few minutes early. The residual heat will keep cooking the food.

    Cook several meals at once. You’ll skip lots of energy wasted when stuff heats up and cools down.

    Use a Pressure Cooker. It uses less energy than standard cooking.

    Don’t put warm food in the refrigerator. It takes extra energy to cool it. Let it sit out and cool to room temperature, then put it in the fridge.

    Use a cover when boiling water. It’ll boil faster that way.

    If you have a gas stove and the flame burns more yellow than blue, it’s not burning efficiently. Check the manual or contact the manufacturer.

    Induction stoves are more efficient than other types.

    In the summer, make Sun Tea instead of using the kitchen.

    If you are using an electric stove, turn off the stove before your food is fully cooked and leave it covered on the stove. Electric stove heat lasts a long time, and can finish cooking some dishes even after being turned off.

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