Teaching Jobs in Various Saudi Cities


Immediate Hiring

Position No. Gender Location
F001 Female Jeddah
F002 Female Dammam
M001 Male Riyadh
M002 Male Jeddah
M003 Male Dammam
M004 Male Qasim
M005 Male Abha
M006 Male Najran

Abdulaziz Al-Ghahtani

0504 123 904
0504 448 064
0120 155 56

8 thoughts on “Teaching Jobs in Various Saudi Cities

  1. Hi, Iam a post graduate in science with Bed .I have 5 years teaching experience as a science teacher .I would like to work as a science lecturer or teacher in dammam.

  2. What it is actually like to live in Jazan Economic City NOT Jazan or Jizan. Everyone who responds cannot/has not given an actual hands on report about the place.

    Everybody talks about Jazan or Jizen which is the same established place but not Jazan Economic City. They are not the same place.

    And the govt info on it is only all predicted future computer stuff.

    How much if any… development has there been in actual finished buildings done there and are there any western establishments set up already.

    Is it just one messy construction site or does it have some areas of the town finished already and operating in the actual existing/non existing Jazan Economic City? Any specific info with pictures on the net of the actual city…Jazan Economic City….?

    What is the Red Sea like there/all enclosed with man made docks any beach at all?

    If you find any info I would appreciate it greatly if you could inform me first hand. I’m planning to be there (Jazan Economic City) in Sept 2010 THANK YOU MUCH

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