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Jeddah Flood – Make Du’aa for the Muslimeen

I hope that everyone enjoyed themselves on ‘Eid day. Taqabballaahu minnaa wa minkum.

Make du’aa for your Muslim brothers and sisters, bi idhnillaah. My family is fine, Walhamdulillaahi Rabbil ‘Aalameen, however, many other families are truly being tested by the flood. May Allaah pardon and have mercy upon all of us, aameen.

Flash Flood – You Tube

2 thoughts on “Jeddah Flood – Make Du’aa for the Muslimeen

  1. The Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Endowment and Guidance has warned against collecting donations for repairing flood-damaged mosques in Jeddah from anyone, including charity societies, unless instructed otherwise by the Makkah Emirate. – Saudi Gazette

    Forwarded Info: For all monetary donations; Albir Charity Organization has opened a bank account in Al-Ahli Bank (NCB). All proceeds shall exclusively be for the Jeddah Crisis. The following is their account number: SA 66100000013620000001103

    To donate non-monetary items (food, clothes, carpets, cleaning equipment, medicines, baby food, furniture, etc) kindly drop off all items at Al Harithy Exhibition on Salman bin Sultan St. (north of Al-Madinah Rd. & Hiraa St.) The respective organization(s) will distribute accordingly.

    News: Makkah Governorate cautioning individuals and groups against donating haphazardly and instead directed them to give their donations through registered charity organizations, which are supposed to coordinate their distribution work with the Jeddah Governorate to ensure that the donations reach those who need them.

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