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Natural Remedies: Easy Labor & Delivery

Olive Leaves – contains an ingredient that (naturally) causes the womb to contract. Olive Leaves also strengthens the womb and increases its ability during delivery.

Boil leaves, sweeten with honey or combine (the brew and consume it) with dates. It is very efficient for easing the birthing process.

At Tibbul Akhdhar
Dr. ‘Abdul Baasit Muhammad
Page 247

*Dr. doesn’t state how long to boil the leaves or how much to drink. Consult your physician before using. Research for possible contraindications, In Shaa Allaah.*

Dates – Eat dates for they are wonderful for easing the birthing process. They’ll give you strength/help push the baby out. They are good for prolapsed wombs as well (will elaborate later In Shaa Allaah).

Spinach, great for easing your pain and well as the baby’s pain (they feel some pain on the way out). Spinach contains Iron and Zinc which are a must for pregnant women and new moms. Simply chop up some fresh Spinach and eat it raw or cooked.

Will tell you about Parsley, Shepard’s Purse, Lemon Balm and Lavender in an updated thread, In Shaa Allaah.

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