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Benefits of Delivery Services

One of the things that I adore about Saudi Arabia is the fact that you can get just about anything delivered, no matter how insignificant. My Saudi friend had French Cheese potato chips and Orange drink delivered to my door – can you believe that?!

I tolerate much nonsense and shenanigans when I go out, therefore, I am most grateful for these services. I no longer see certain practices and amenities as “extravagant,” I see them as blessings and barriers to trials that may occur upon exiting the home – especially if you are a woman.

The more I mingle with the Arabs, the more I understand their mentality and habits. My patience with things that I am not used to has increased. Don’t get me wrong, I will rant (because it has the effect of a tall glass of cold water on a hot summer’s day), but when it’s all over, I sit back and ponder the blessings of being here and the pros immensely outweigh the cons.

Some Benefits of Delivery Services:

  • You do not have to prepare your brood for an outing
  • No waiting in traffic jams
  • No expensive smokey cab rides or taxi scams
  • No car accidents or road rage
  • No salesmen “accidentally” bumping into you three times in a row
  • No kids crying to go home or asking “are we there yet?”
  • No heat exhaustion
  • No line jumping
  • No pushy vendors
  • I could go on and on….
Take advantage of these services. They help me keep my sanity…lol.

4 thoughts on “Benefits of Delivery Services

  1. So, with this delightful service one can only remember the ayat of Allaah, ” which of the favors of your Lord will you deny”? And the answer is … none!

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