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‘Eid Celebration Recipes

Enjoy yourselves In Shaa Allaah!
labeshirin eid recipeThis fruit delight is a complete dessert full of nutrition and very common in Pakistani Cuisine (with the name lab-e-Shirin ). Any fruit can be used in this recipe for instance banana, apple, grapes etc. Addition of milk, whipped cream and condense milk makes it a healthy dessert . Still its simple and easy to make and usually served after cooling for sometime in a refrigerator


1 apple chopped
4-5 banana or according to your desire
½ cup pineapple chopped
fruit jelly powder (2 of different colors)
750 gm milk
1 cup fresh cream
2 tbspn corn flour
sugar to taste

1. Boil milk and add sugar.
2. Dissolve corn flour in ½ cup water.
3. When sugar completely dissolves in milk, add corn flour paste and stir continuously so that lumps are not formed. When the milk starts to thicken, remove pan from the stove after 5 minutes.
4. Pour the batter in a deep bowl, stir continuously to avoid forming layer on the top of batter, let the batter cool.
5. Add fresh cream in the batter, mix well.
6. Add fruits to the mixture, leave in the freezer for few minutes.
7. Make jelly (of different colors), cut in square shapes.
8. Add jelly to the fruit milk mixture and leave in freezer to chill.

Sprinkle orange powder on the mixture and some sweet color syrup.

Note: For jelly preparation see the apple pastry recipe.

Preparation time (approx) : 90 mins | Serves 8-10 persons

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