May 25th Deadline for the Issuance of Exit/Re-entry Visas

Huge rush for fingerprinting as school holidays near By Sameera Aziz – Saudi Gazette Expatriates and their families are crowding Passport Department offices to get fingerprinted before the May 25 deadline for the issuance of exit-re-entry visas. Exit-re-entry visas will not be issued after this deadline to those expatriates who have not been fingerprinted. Children over the age of nine must also be brought for fingerprinting. All fingerprinting centers have womens sections, she added.
Expatriates should visit these centers with their passports and Iqamas. No other document is required. Fingerprinting is a must for expatriates to obtain residence permits (Iqamas), to transfer sponsorship and to request other passport services. Full article…

4 thoughts on “May 25th Deadline for the Issuance of Exit/Re-entry Visas

  1. Assalamu Alaikum Ukhti,
    Is this just for the head of the family to be fingerprinted or all members nine and above have to be fingerprinted,I am travelling in July and I wonder if I have to be fingerprinted???
    JazakaAllah Khairan.

  2. Beginning today (My 25th), all foreign workers will need to provide their fingerprints to the General Directorate of Passports to avoid problems obtaining visas, driver’s licenses, vehicle deeds and other official documents.

    Al-Belaihid called on all foreign workers to get their biometric data registered as soon as possible so that they can avoid snags in getting their re-entry visas stamped in time. The requirement applies to all foreign residents over the age of 18, with no exceptions based on job category or nationality, Al-Belaihid pointed out.

    The director general also said all legal procedures involving foreign residents would be suspended until expatriates concerned have submitted this data.

    Read on

    More Info: Fingerprinting Confusion Confounds Expats

  3. As salaamu alaikum,

    I had my fingerprints taken and mine alone. I have three kids over nine (two of which are male) and they were not asked to be finger printed. I am not sure if it matters but all of my family are on my iqama and it is the older paper type (non-electronic card). Anyhow, we have had visas issued and traveled since I was finger printed.

    I just wanted to share my exp.

    Abu Mahmoud

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