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Sufyaan the Little Businessman

A local kid named Sufyaan occasionally brings his play set to the park with the hopes of making a few Riyaals to purchase his favorite sandwich from a nearby fast food restaurant and pay his way into a game of  Foosball. Initially he charged all the anxious children 1 SAR for unlimited play. Once he realized that his play set was in high demand, he raised the fee to 2 SAR per hour. Smart business move!


When Sufyaan and co. found out that I was an American, they tried to charge me 100 SAR (all Americans are rich right?….not). I laughed and I haggled them back down to 2 SAR. They took the money and off they went to the Foosball table. I saw Sufyaan later on counting his daily earnings, boy was he proud of his turnover :)

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