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$ave a $ar: The Write & Wipe Series



 Jareer Bookstore has several “Write and Wipe”English books on sale for $9 and $10 SAR each. The illustrated series was designed to help your child improve their alphabet, writing, spelling and number skills. 


Save a SAR and the Series:  Hence the name “Write and Wipe,” the series can be used over and over again, just wipe it clean with dry cloth or tissue.

The books aren’t bulky (there are about 15 pages in each). They’re laminated, sturdy and well worth the money. Once your child outgrows the series, you can store it until your next lil one is ready.

Test Your Marker: The back of each book has a space designated for you to test your marker before your child writes inside (use the dry-erase whiteboard pens). Should you goof and give your child the wrong type of marker, just wipe the book clean with a mixture of bleach, dish detergent and water (it won’t be harmed in the least).

2 thoughts on “$ave a $ar: The Write & Wipe Series

  1. mashallah i was able to get a few of these here in madinah at the jarir bookstore here, although i didnt see the above pics the ones i got were by educat and were 3 sars each about 6 pages front and back
    i picked up the following titles:

    fruits,veggies,shapes,colors,farm animals,numbers.

    how recent did you get these books i got mines towards the end of feb. if the sale is still going on and those titles are still there can you let me know and ill send you the money (paypal) to pick me up whatever titles are left and send it to madinah

  2. I’m not sure if the series is still on sale. Even if the sale has ended, it’s still worth acquiring. I love the fact that the books can be used over and over again (awesome investment for those that home school/tutor). I’m going to look for more books and will keep an eye out for you In Shaa Allaah.

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