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Natural Remedies: Habb al ‘Azeez for Weight Gain


Habbul Azeez

Soak two table spoonfuls of Cyperus Esculentus granules (aka chufa sedge, yellow nutsedge, tigernut sedge, earth-almond) in a cup of water for a full night, crush them open, allow the granules to settle at the bottom of the cup. When the water clears (i.e. grains settle at the bottom), strain, sweeten with sugar or honey. Drink in the morning. Continue upon this for 12 days.

*Dr. doesn’t explains whether or not to take on an empty stomach, Allaahu Aa’lam. Discuss possible contra-indications with your healthcare provider, In Shaa Allaah.

Alf Su’aal wa Jawaab fee ‘Ilm al Aa’shaab

Dr. Jaabir al Qahtaani
Page 179

Sidenote: Don’t go to sleep with a belly full of junk trying to gain weight. I will post a hadeeth about how ‘Aaishah radhiyallaah ‘anhaa gained weight naturally by eating a specific combo of healthy foods, In Shaa Allaah.

We’ll discuss the term Habb “al ‘Azeez” in a bit, bi idhnillaah.

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