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“No Ban on Cupping” says Council

This is an FYI. I personally don’t need to be shown scientific evidence regarding the benefits of hijaamah. Prophetic ahaadeeth are sufficient for me.

No Ban on Cupping – Council
By Abdullah Al-Hariri

The Council of Health Services has denied reports that the Ministry of Health has outright prohibited blood cupping, or Hijama, as a method of treatment.” The prohibition of cupping does not mean [the Ministry] denies cupping as a method of treatment, but we want to avoid harm to people under treatment,” a Ministry official said.


A press statement released on the Ministry Web site said that stories in the media that depict the prohibition of cupping as violating the
teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) was not correct. Instead, they are trying to combat some cupping practitioners who don’t care to follow the correct steps of cleaning,sterilization, and infection control. Many recent reports have pointed to incidents where some people being treated by cupping have developed infectious diseases.


The Council of Health Services issued a decree prohibiting cupping
 months ago based on scientific grounds, saying the benefits of
cupping haven’t been proven on a scientific basis. Many cupping
clinics have closed their doors, Saudi German Hospital
was forced to change the theme of one of its workshops on cupping
after the practice was declared banned by the Ministry. Osman Al-Rabia,
the council’s general coordinator, said the council recently rejected
licensing the practice of blood cupping in the Kingdom until its usage
is verified from a scientific point of view, denoting that the council
recognizes only practices that have solid medical grounding.
He said the council directed the Alternative Medicine Center to raise
awareness of this practice in society and follow up on new scientific


Saudi Gazette

4 thoughts on ““No Ban on Cupping” says Council

  1. Salams

    Just came across this post searching for “hijama”, a topic I am very interested in myself.

    In fact we have put together a little blog as a platform to promote, educate and exchange experiences about the therapy: .

    If you can join in and participate in anyway, that would be really appreciated.



  2. Please do let me know.. I believe in Hijama strongly as this is advised and practisd by prophet and he said it is a cure for all the diseases…

    can some one let me know if there is any hijama centre in any hospital in jeddah.. mecca.. damam or khobar..??? Please do let me know the list of them??? It will be really a great help… thanks to all brothers and sisters in advance… expecting some helpful information on this…


  3. The Hijaamah Center
    Dr. Ahmad – Tele: 662 – 5252
    Located on Sitten St. behind “Steps” and “Red Tag,” (just down the street from Mustashfaa Irfaan) Jeddah.

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