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Worldwide Recruitment Agencies for King Fahd Armed Forces Hospital

kfafh Employment opportunities at King Fahd Armed Forces Hospital – Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Worldwide Recruitment Agencies for KFAFH

Africa & Middle East
North America

If there are no recruitment agencies in your country, you may contact the hospital directly via:

E-mail: recruitment@kfafh.org
Fax: Jeddah 669-3490
(full international number + 966 (2) 669-3490)
Post: International Recruitment
Personnel Department
King Fahd Armed Forces Hospital
P.O. Box 9862,
Jeddah 21159
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

For more information please contact:  Infokfafh@kfafh.org

40 thoughts on “Worldwide Recruitment Agencies for King Fahd Armed Forces Hospital

  1. As salaamu alaykum wa rahmatallah wa barakaatu
    walhmadulillah rabbil’alameen

    Kayfa halukee ukhtee
    kayfa ummukee

    Allah aza wa jal has truly blessed the Ummah with invaluable services. May Allah ta’ala raise us all and bless us with the hijra Ameen.

    I am definitly trying to reach my goals in hijrah, I have a large family though.

    I just completed nursing school and I am LPN now.
    My questions is do you need to speak arabic fluently to work at the hospitals?

    barakallahu feekee

    Umm Umar

  2. I am looking for job for my husband in contract management or building management. He has plenty of experience and well qualified. Presently working as Senior Management Executive. Looking for any opportunity. Waiting for any favourable reply thanks

  3. i am looking for a job im a midwife and i have 15years experience already.here in saudi i have 7 years experience already

  4. Hi..I’m seeking for a job,I’m a nurse and I have a 1year experience here in our country.Hope you can help me to find a job..Thank you!

  5. dear sir,
    I am looking for a senior registrar post for cardiothoracic surgery, I have 4 and half years experience. To whom should I get further information.
    thank you

  6. i am specialist in oro-maxillo-facial surgery
    (head and neck surgery),md,dmd,phd.officer ret.looking for a department of surgery

  7. dear sir/ma’m:

    asalamalaykum… keif elhal?
    good day!
    i’m an accountant and I’m searching for a job vacancies which is fit to my field. I can’t find recruitment agencies, can you please help me how to apply in your company.
    Thank you and more power.

  8. Wa ‘alaikumus salaam Deovelyn. Accountancy and Finance Jobs. Desert Diaries is not a recruitment site…it’s just an F.Y.I Hijrah-related blog.

    Allied Health Field – Medical Jobs in Jeddah, Riyaadh, Dammaam and Al Ahsa.

    Assistant Cardiac Surgeon needed in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Please email your inquiries and CV to physicians@staffpointe.com or fax to 18778781970 attn: Julie Kramer. Find more opportunities online or register for free at Staff Pointe. Please refer to job JK61N

    Another Resource…
    Saudi Red Crescent Authority

  9. assalamoalaikum
    I am looking a job in pharmaceutical companies…in Saudi Arabia…he has well qualified and has many years of experience…in also he has experience in Canada. Lookin for saudi Arabia..thanks

  10. As-salaamu Alaikum!
    i am currently working here in jeddah as an icu staff nurse in a private hospital. my 2 year contract would end later this year and i would much likely to apply for any vacancy job in a hospital that would suit my credentials.
    thank u and have a blessed day!

  11. assalamu alaikum!sir/madam, im a nursing graduate year 1999 and i work as caregiver @ lebanon for almost 3 1/2 years.and i have done also with my caregiving progam for 6 monthsa.base on that,i work in 1 of the children institution here in philippines..as of now i wanted to look for a job in their good offices.

  12. Wa ‘alaikumus salaam wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh sisters. Contact head nurse Ms. Sherine Chohan: sherine@jeddacath.com

    FYI for Cardiac Surgeons – http://www.jeddacath.com You may want to attend an up-coming conference (great networking opportunity). There’s a careers link on the site for you to submit your info.

    So that you know, Desert Diaries is an FYI blog (no affiliation to any institute, business, school, etc.).

  13. Assalamualaikum.

    Am looking for a job for my husband in this hospital who is now working as a physiotherapist in New jeddah clinic hospital.he is well qualified and have a rich experience of 8 years.can you please tell us how to apply for this hospital?


  14. Assalamalikum
    i wish to apply myself for a post of a parmacists in this hospital i m in need of a job my major is “pharmocology” waiting for an early reply.

  15. Assalamu alaikum! I’m looking for a job, I just work from King Fahad Medical City, Riyadh as NICU nurse for 2years, I will be grateful, if given the chance to work in this hospital. I am looking forward to work in this instituition.

  16. As-salaamu Alaikum!
    I’m Franklyn Pescador, I’m looking for a Job in line with BioMed,I am Graduated as a B.S.Electronic Communication Engineering. As of Now im working in a fruit company in Jeddah as a Packing line technician for more than a year, if the company given me the chance to work in this hospital and to prove my worth. I will be grateful.thank you and Best regards

  17. I had M.Sc. in Chemistry with specialization in Analytical Chemistry.
    I also has three years of experience.
    Now I am working for a company deals in Oil Field Chemicals.
    I am looking forward for a batter opportunity.

  18. Assalam alaikum i m working in saudi arabia.my wife is paed/NICU nurse.how can i apply for my wife.she has 7 years experience in nursing

  19. hi..Im looking for a job as a nurse. I’ve been a volunteer nurse at one of the government hospital here in the philippines fo more than 1 year. and i’ve been a staff nurse at a private secondary hospital for one and a half year. Hope you can help me a vacant job that fits my experience. thank you

  20. Oct.10,2010 at 11:31pm Good pm hi. I’m looking for a job as a midwife .I’m presently working here in Philippines in a private hospital at OR/dr department since 1987 to 2000,and i worked as a DR staff midwife in khaybar general hosp. medinah,ksa for 2 years under MOH.2000-2002.I work again here in BINAN DOCTOR’S HOSP> INC>,since march 20003 up to present.Hopin you can help me a vacant job that fits my experience.Thank You.

  21. Assalam alaikum,,,im Jacinto Gaspe im Looking for a Job in A/c
    Technician i am Graduated as a Refrigeration and AirConditioning. as of Now im working 4 Years Here in Jeddah K.S.A EL-Kherieji Company. For A/C Facilities Maintenance in Saudia Airlines.My 2 years Conract finished This coming December.I Wish to Aply and Waiting For an early REPLY,,,,

  22. Assalamo Alaikom… I am Jhamela Sarip, im looking for a job as a RADIOGRAPHER. I have been work in saudi arabia 4years 2years in hopital and 2years in clinic. i really want to work in this hospital but i dont have prc license here in philippines. hoping you can find me a job that fits my experience. thank you!

  23. hi i am fresh graduate nurse looking for a job while waiting for the result of the board exam..if there a vacancy please let me know who will be contact..thank you.have a good day.

  24. i hv 10 yrs experiece as RMO obs/guynae in Pakistan and 10 yrs as a GP in jeddah.looking for job in Primaray health clinics in jeddah hospitals

  25. Assalamu alykum

    Iam Maisalam Tahir graduate of midwifery last march 2010 and i have a one year experience.Can u help me to find a job that fit to my course thank you and wassallam…

  26. Maam/Sir:
    I am a filipina who has a 1 yr an 4mos experience in hospital, I am now currently working as a private nurse her in JEDDAH for two patients,an im really interested to work soon in this hospital after i finish my contract. pls tell me what to do so that i could get a chance to work in this hospital. is there an available agency in phils?i woud really appreciate if you reply,,thank you and god bless.

  27. i am a gp with 8 years experince in er and gp kindly help me find a job in king fahad or any military hospital thanks

  28. As salam malikum, im a filipina from philippines,its my pleasure to work in this prestigious hospital Im working before in saudi german hospital in riyadh for 3 years as ER Charge Nurse,Im really interested to work in this hospital soon.shokran cater.


    I wish to apply for the post of radiologist (dmrd)from pakistan 2yrs experience in saudia arabia in private company in x-rays and ultrasound and 16 yrs experience in pakistan in radiology department in goverment hospital and passes saudi license special exam in radiology .I wish to work in jeddah in KFAF.if you reply thank you .

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