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$ave a $AR: Drinking Water

Drinking Water
Al Jazira Healthy Water Center – $5.00 SAR per 6 Gallon Jug.

Free DeliveryTele: 674 4483 & 675 1222

$ave a $AR: Purchase a book of coupons for $100 SAR. One coupon per jug. You will save money in the end.

*Don’t throw away your empty water jugs. You must give them to the salesman to be recycled.*

‘Arabic Tips
  • Water – مياة – Moyaah (moy rhymes with the English word boy)
  • Delivery – توصيل – Tawseel (taw rhymes with the English word toe)
  • Gallon– جالون – Jaaloon
  • Receipt/Coupon– قسيمة – Qaseemah/كوبون – Kooboun (Some locals say “kard.”)
al-jazira-water-co Having water delivered to your door saves both time and money. If you’re uncertain in regards to giving directions to your home, talk to a neighbor or the haaris (they can place the order for you). Salesmen usually go door to door offering their services anyway, so don’t fret if no one is available to help.

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