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Life in Jeddah: Tips for the Newbie Part 1

Shopping for mini-blinds, curtains & all? Check your windows before you go searching for measuring tape, more than likely the measurements have already been noted for youwindow-pane
adhesive If you’re ogling the perfect pair of curtains, but they’re way too long….check the back of the package for content details. Some curtains come with fabric adhesive (i.e. hem tape).$ave a SAR, no tailor needed.
Directions for no sew hem tape Pre-wash all materials without using fabric softener (in washer or dryer).  Always pre-test adhesive on sample materials.
  1. Pre-heat iron to low heat setting without steam.
  2. Turn curtains over.
  3. Measure & press the hem into the fabric. 
  4. Place hem tape (rough side down) on the inside of the folded hem. Think of it as a sandwich, your folded fabric acts as two slices of bread and the tape goes on the inside like the cheese would. 
  5. Press and hold iron lightly for 3-5 seconds.  Slide iron to new area and repeat until entire surface is bonded.
  6. Turn item right side out and iron hem for additional 3-5 seconds.
2135805-pizza_hutFast Food Delivery – Although Saudi ‘Arabia is a wealthy country, it’s still developing. Despite the high rise buildings, extravagant malls, gorgeous beach-front hotels, elaborate palaces and villas, not every household has been issued an official mailing address. So, what do you do if you want a yummy Whopper from Burger King or a large pizza from Pizza Hut delivered to your door? How on earth are they going to find you?
Peep outside your front door. Do you see any Pizza Hut, Dominos or BK stickers? If so, these are not mere advertisements. Take a closer look….the numbers on the stickers are your delivery codes.
If you live in an apartment building and there aren’t any codes on your front door, check the main lobby or look near the building’s intercom system. Call, place an order, give them your code…that’s it. Enjoy!
How to $ave a Wet Cell Phone – These tips came in handy for me on three different occasions. Hey, accidents happen!

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