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Invest in Saudi: SAGIA

sagiaSAGIA will provide comprehensive licensing and support services to investors while establishing their businesses. In addition, SAGIA will become the investor’s Information Clearinghouse, serving as a central repository of information regarding business in the country including key economic news, indicator reports, competitiveness studies, general statistics, economic research, the country’s laws & regulations.

one-of-the-primary-industries-in-jubail-2 SAGIA will identify opportunities that are linked to the country’s competitive advantages and match them to investors that fit a complimentary strategic, risk and financial profile. While working in conjunction with sponsoring organizations, SAGIA will cooperate to effectively market any industries, organizations, or individual opportunities in a targeted manner to maximize impact.

Tele: 966 22 6571580
Fax: 966 22 657 1663

6 thoughts on “Invest in Saudi: SAGIA

  1. AsSalaamu alaikum
    Not to rain on anyones parade, but one must do his/her research very very carefully before investin in a foreign country, even KSA.
    I invest in a realestate detail there 3 years ago, alhamdulillaah. I paid off th efirst two years, but recently we were told that the government changed the law and our investment was voided. The group said that they’re going to refund our initial invest, but we have to send them our orginal contract.
    Just know that they (KSA) can change the rules whenever they want and you can’t do anything about it, but pray that you get your money back.


    i would like to open a business in SAUDI.

    I am a retired gentleman I have SAR 500,000 AND SAR 50.000 PM INCOME
    I want to invest in SAUDI
    Can I get a 3 month temporary licence to help me complete the process and there after upgrade to a residency card called IQAMA

  3. Dear Mr. Moosa,

    Walaikum – Assalam,
    Contact me, i have a very good business plan. Actually i am about to implement. you might be able to help me.

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