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Photo of the Day: Jubrilta Square

Did you states: Jubrilta (Gibraltar) – The first Muslim incursion into Iberia was in 710, when a small reconnaissance force landed at the southernmost point of the peninsula. The following year a former slave, a Berber by the name of Tariq bin Ziyad, led an army of about 7 000 ashore at a point close to the huge rock which dominates the entrance to the Mediterranean. They called the rock Jabal Tariq, or Tariq’s Mount, and eventually Christian tongues changed it to Gibraltar.
Jubrilta Square ~ Jeddah KSA ~ Photo by Khalid Sabir

Jubrilta Square ~ Jeddah KSA ~ Photo by Khalid Sabir

The ‘Arabic word tariq (pronounced tareeq) means track or path. The Rock of Gibraltar became “Jabal Tariq” or The Mountain of the Path, for the path of Islaam into the Iberian Peninsula. The theory is that the Muslims would not dare name the mountain after a person, but rather in honour of their religion.

The Rock of Gibraltar's North Front Cliff 1810 ~
The Rock of Gibraltar’s North Front Cliff 1810 ~

Prior to the invasion of the Iberian Peninsula by Tariq, small incursions and recces were conducted by Tarif bin Malik Nakli, who reported that Spain was ripe for the picking. According to Tito Vallejo in his article in the Gibraltar Chronicle, when Tariq landed in Gibraltar in 711, the Rock was named Jabal Al Fath and the town Madinat Al Fath, which mean the Mountain of Victory and the City of Victory respectively. 



Interesting stuff! And we end with Allaahu Ta’aalaa Aalam.

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