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‘Arabic Names of Oils Recommended for Dry Hair

hair-oilThe following oils are recommended for dry hair.

زيت اللوزZaytul Louz – Almond Oil

زيت اللوز الحلوZaytul Louz al Hilou – Sweet Almond Oil

زيت الخروعZaytul Khirwa’ – Castor Oil

زيت الزيتونZaytuz Zaytoon – Olive Oil

زيت الجرجيرZaytul Jirjeer – Watercress Oil

زيت اكليل الجبلZaytu Ikleel al Jabal – Rosemary Oil

زيت الخسZaytul Khass – Lettuce Oil

زيت زهرة العطاسِِZaytu Zahrah al ‘Ataas– Arnica Oil

You don’t need to know a lot of ‘Arabic when asking a store clerk for something. To make shopping easy, just remember the word في – fee.

Ex: “Fee zaytil louz lish sha’r?” (The majority say zeet instead of zayt.)

The clerk’s reply will either be “fee,” meaning yes he has it in stock, or “maa fee,” meaning the opposite.


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2 thoughts on “‘Arabic Names of Oils Recommended for Dry Hair

  1. Thank you for sharing this, there isn’t much information out there in regards to natural beauty tips and guides on Arabian hair care

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