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FYI for ESL Teachers

Arab News – The British Council in Jeddah is to follow the success of the Cambridge Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA) course with one for teachers who regularly encounter second language speakers.

The Teacher Knowledge Test (TKT) is designed for teachers at all levels of experience who would benefit from a deeper understanding of the difficulties encountered by students who use English as a second language in a learning environment . The course delivers strategies and techniques specifically designed to improve both teaching quality and the student’s learning experience.

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British Council’s Official Web Site

3 thoughts on “FYI for ESL Teachers

  1. I have been teaching here for 9 years. I earned a teaching diplome at the council. I also earned 2 more online teaching certificates.
    The question is can I go on with my masters. I am looking for courses where I can take online but I am ready to go to the UK to be tested in order to earn my masters from the UK instead of having an online Masters.
    PS I have my BA in Graphic Design.
    Please help as I am intending to start this summer.
    Thank you.

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