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Toll Free Hotline to Answer Hajj Related Questions

Fatwa centers deployed in Holy Sites



Over 800 religious guides and 180 interpreters have been deployed in the holy sites and at pilgrim entry points in Jeddah and Madina to assist pilgrims with their language needs and religion-related questions, said Tawfiq Al-Sudairi, deputy minister at the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Daw’a, and Guidance. The services of the Ministry have been extended to provide 123 field centers for fatwa throughout Makkah and Madina to answer all Haj-related questions, in addition to 18 main centers in the city of Makkah and 44 across the holy sites of Muzdalifah, Arafat, and Mina, he said.


The Ministry has also provided a toll free number 8002451000 to answer Haj-related questions.

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