Q/A: Treatment of Poor Foreign Workers in Saudi ‘Arabia

Q/A: Treatment of Poor Foreign Workers in Saudi ‘Arabia
Source: Al
 j0362818 Question: A sister from New York wrote about her personal experience and sadness. We are also very saddened about her situation and we ask Allaah سبحانه و تعالى to bless her and deliver her out of her problems and shower His Rahmah upon her and may Allaah Jalla wa alaa jalla jalaalahu wa azza shanahu remove from her life all what bothers her and grant her peace and happiness. May Allaah سبحانه و تعالى increase her in knowledge and sabr. She is seeking clarification about what she heard about Saudi Arabia and she says (my parents) they tell me how poor workers are treated by their bosses there (Saudis and otherwise) and they say that the khateebs can give khutbah about tawheed and bid’ah but they do not talk about mistreatment of the poor labourers. Since you are Senior Scholars in Saudia, can you please tell me why my heart is bleeding now. Why in Saudia they are so keen to observe hijaab and modesty but yet what our religion stands for: justice for the poor and mercy to the servants and labourers, is ignored. I implore you to please teach the people there about this. Teach them that the weak and poor although they do not have a voice, they are their Muslim brothers and they will have their justice on the Day of Judgement. Our Muslim Ummah is being destroyed or will be destroyed because each Muslim subgroup has chosen to adopt certain principles within Islaam some only the ebaadaat (acts of worship), some only the akhlaaq (manners), some only the social justice and reform within society.
Answered by Shaykh Salaah Muhammad Aal Shaykh: I‘m very sad to hear this question but it is true; I cannot say it is not true. The Messenger of Allaah صلى الله عليه و سلم said, “Oppression will be darkness on the Day of Ressurection.” When I said it’s true, it’s not totally true and I’ll explain.

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