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Free Henna (Yemeni & Egyptian)

Free Henna

I have five bags of unsifted Yemeni henna weighing one kilo each on hand if anyone’s interested. One bag per person (you can have all five if no one else wants any). This will come in handy if you’re an aspiring henna artisan in need of henna to practice with or if you just want to have fun with your girls. I think I have a few Gharmooz Stones and dried Tamarind to toss in as well (natural henna enhancers).

Don’t like henna tattoos? Henna is medicinal – see Ibn Qayyim’s “Healing with the Medicine of the Prophet” – and can be used as an all-over exfoliant leaving you with a subtle glow. Men can use henna to dye their beards, cool their noggins and treat calluses amongst other things.

I also have a box of red Egyptian Princess Herbal Henna for the Hair (exact weight unknown…I used some…smiles).

I have lots of free items (new and slightly used), so keep an eye on the “Save a SAR” thread.


First Come First Serve ~ No Reserves

Pick-ups Only (Hayy as Salaamah) ~ No Drops-offs or Shipments

2 thoughts on “Free Henna (Yemeni & Egyptian)

  1. I know you mentioned no shipments but im really interested in trying that henna. Is there any way maybe i can pay you the shipping?? I live in puerto rico jeje. well let me know thanks! And what are Gharmooz stones?

    Thank you.

  2. Jennifer, I’d love to ship you the henna.. thing is it’ll cost you about $52 USD for 1 kilo(and I’m estimating could be more).

    Gharmooz Stones, I’ll do a detailed write up w/photos very soon.


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