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Oxford Junior English/Arabic Dictionary: Entry 1

Entry #1: Abbreviation – Ikhtizaal اختصار  – اختزال Ikhtisaar.

Definition: طريقة موجزة لكتابة كلمة أو كلمات – Tareeqatun moojazatun likitaabati kalimatin aw kalimaat.

Example: كم اختصار لكلمة كيلومتر – Kim ikhtisaarun likalimati keeloomitr. meaning Km is an abbreviation for kilometre.”

Entry Source: The Oxford Junior English-Arabic Dictionary, 1994 Oxford Uni. Press

Page #5

FYI bits from the Hans Wehr Dictionary of Modern Written ‘Arabic:

طريقة – Tareeq(atun): A method, way. Tareeq has many meanings. See pg. 559.

موجزة – Moojaz(atun): A summary, concise, terse, brief, summarized.

See pg. of 1050 for more on moojaz.

ل – Li: (a preposition meaning) For. See pg. 851 for details on usage and other meanings.

كتابة – Kitaabati: (act of practice of) Writing. See pg. 813 for more on kitaabah.

كلمة – Kalimatin: A word. See pg. 838 for more on kalimah.

أو – Aw (pronounced like the English word “owe”): Or. See page 33.

كلمات – Kalimaatin: Words. See pg. 838.

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