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Save a SAR or Two: Eggs

 The other day while doing a grocery run I picked up a dozen eggs. Since my daughter loves them so much, I opted to buy two. They’re normally 6.95 SAR a dozen. Jumbo cartons were on display beneath them, however, I usually I bypass them deeming them unnecessary and on top of that I was in a pre-Maghrib iftaari rush, so I did not have much time to be mathematically frugal. I was about to walk away but changed my mind and decided to do a lil calculating …
1 Dozen (12) Eggs
  •  6.95 SAR
  • Size: Small
1 Carton (30) eggs
  • 12.00 SAR
  • Size: Large
If I were to buy 2 dozen (24 eggs), I’d pay 13.90 SAR. If I were to purchase 1 carton (30 eggs), I’d pay 12.00 SAR (saving 1.90).
I purchased the carton, clearly it was the better choice. Not only did I get 6 more eggs, I saved nearly 2.00 SAR. The eggs in the carton were larger in size and kept me from having to go buy another dozen so soon.
All in all, take a moment to do the math while grocery shopping…it’ll save you a bit of money in the end.
This comparison is based on prices at Sawari Supermarket, Jeddah KSA.

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