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Danube Supermarket

Food prices have risen significantly in the Kingdom and elsewhere. So, unless you’re super rich, you’re looking to save a SAR or two. I usually shop at Sawari Supermarket because of convenience. Nakheel Supermarket is closer, but the service and overall quality of everything there is not up to par (my personal opinion).
Westerners feigning for their favorite products from back home rave about Danube. Oh what people will do for a bottle of Crystal Brand Hot Sauce.
Quote from Danube’s Web Site: “New Arrivals from U.S.A., Canada, Europe and Asia make it worth a visit to our supermarket. Check out the latest trends in house ware items. High quality crockery, ceramic vase, kitchen accessories, frames and more are available coming from almost all parts of the globe.”

Find Danube in Your District

A friend of mine knows someone working at Sawari Supermarket. Apparently¬†they’ve done a price comparison between the two and claim better bargains can be had at Danube. I plan to do my own comparison. I’ll inform you of my findings.

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