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Taking an HIV/AIDS test before entering Saudi ‘Arabia?

VISA & Iqaamah Q/A
Do I have to take an HIV/AIDS test before entering Saudi ‘Arabia? Is it a prerequisite for an iqaamah?
Some people have entered Saudi without having to take the test however, here’s what the law states:
*Anyone coming to work in the Kingdom must undergo a medical exam and present a medical report confirming that they are free from contagious diseases, including HIV/AIDS.  Any worker testing positive for HIV/AIDS will not be allowed to work in the Kingdom.  Please inquire directly with the Embassy of Saudi Arabia before you travel.
*HIV-positive expatriate workers are offered treatment until they become well, after which they are deported to their home countries. 
Resident Visa Requirements: Three copies of our medical report, along with three passport size color pictures with a white background. This medical report must be issued by a licensed physician who must sign each copy and must certify that the applicant is free of any contagious disease. The license number and address of the physician should appear on each copy . Medical reports should be used within three months from the date of issuance.
Click here to download the medical report form (pdf format). Children under the age of sixteen (16) do not need a medical report.
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4 thoughts on “Taking an HIV/AIDS test before entering Saudi ‘Arabia?

  1. assalam alayk,may ALLAh bless you u r doing a good job.may Allah accept it from u.hope one day we will meet in saudi

    shakirah (nigerian wrote from sudan)

  2. Wa ‘alaikumus salaam wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh. Jazaakillaahu khairan Shakirah. You’re welcome to contact me anytime…I’d love to meet you In Shaa Allaah.

    Umm Mohammed, I apologize for the delay. Here’s some info from the Helen Ziegler & Assoc. web site regarding the Visa Process for US Citizens:

    The following medical lab test results (required for the visa) must accompany your Embassy Medical Reports (any copies must be initialed by your physician)

    ~ HIV
    ~ RPR/Syphilis
    ~ Hepatitis B antigen
    ~ Hepatitis B antibody
    ~ Hepatitis C

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