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Money Saving Tip: What To Do with Stale Bread

Money Saving Tip: What To Do with Stale Bread

The breads here are not made with all the gunk and preservatives like back home. A loaf may start to go stale in about 3 or 4 days after purchasing it. Don’t waste your money on bulk loads of bread with the intention of deep freezing for later use. Once you thaw the bread out, it’ll taste stale anyway.

So, what can you do with almost stale bread? Lots. Check out my almost French toast (made without Cinnamon).

The toast was delicious and didn’t┬áhave a stale taste. The syrup was so good that I did not miss the Cinnamon at all.

If your long rolls are hardening, you could try salvaging them by making garlic bread.

Hot dog rolls and burger buns make great breadcrumbs. Toast the bread, crush ’em all up then, add some of your favorite spices.

Hard Pita bread is a scrumptious alternate for tortilla chips and croutons. I have a Mediterranean cookbook with a recipe for a yummy salad known as Fatoosh. One of the main ingredients is pita bread. I will share it in another blog entry.

If you’re not up to all of this, you could always go to the beach or park to feed the birds:)


One thought on “Money Saving Tip: What To Do with Stale Bread

  1. salaamu alaikum haneefah mashallah i do just about most of what you mentioned except for the fatoosh and garlic. It is too hot here in madinah right now for me and i refuse to use my oven.

    i also use the stale bread as bread crumbs for when making meatloaf, stuffings and or salmon and fish cakes. even with the tea crackers (Biscuits) i use them as bottom crust for deserts such as cheesecakes.

    Madinah KSA

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