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Ministry of Labor & Social Affairs States that Businesses Must Pay for Daycare Services for Saudi & Expat Working Mothers


A lot of mothers – Saudis and expats alike – are having a hard time paying for daycare services. I came across some info via ‘Arab News. The article was printed last year, but it’s still relevant and important.
Excerpt: The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs announced new rules and regulations concerning providing daycare centers in establishments that have working mothers. According to the law, businesses with 50 or more women and at least 10 working mothers must pay for daycare services to children under six years of age.  For businesses with over 100 women, a staffed daycare facility must be provided on the premises. Qusai Filali, director general at the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs’ office in Jeddah, confirmed to Arab News that there is an inspection department at the ministry, and that inspections take place. “Violators are warned to abide by the law,” he said.


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6 thoughts on “Ministry of Labor & Social Affairs States that Businesses Must Pay for Daycare Services for Saudi & Expat Working Mothers

  1. As salaamu alaykum warahmatullaahi wabarakatuhu, Ukhtee Haneefah.

    Pls, what is the job prospects for nutritionists/registered dietitians? I have a degree in Human Nutrition and would like to work in Saudi. I’m also working towards getting my RD license here in the USA. What advice do u have for me?

    Shukraan katheerah.

    Was salaam.


  2. Wa ‘alaikumus salaam wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh. The medical field is a lucrative one indeed. There are many things that you can do In Shaa Allaah.

    Schools & Universities: You can apply for a teaching job (health ed.)

    Hospitals: RDs are in every hospital. Check out this RD forum. A member works here in Jeddah. Her contact info is on the web site. Maybe she can give you some pointers.

    Gyms: You could establish a wellness program at a kids gym. Parents pay good money for these things.

    Be Your Own Boss: After getting your foot in the door here, you can hire yourself out as a personal dietician/nutritionalist. Having your own business in Saudi Arabia is far better than working for someone else on a limited contract. You can build your own free web site and offer personal services to locals and online services to patients abroad (like Q/A, coaching/weight loss management/personalized dietitian counseling, meal planning based on their individual needs, etc). You can get paid to write newsletters or web content for organic food companies, write columns for hospitals/clinics, or spearhead an employee wellness program for their staff.

    Some RDs even charge small fees to help patients abroad find other RDs in their locale.

    The affluent have “personal people” doing all sorts of jobs for them. You could end up being a personal nutritionist for a princess…hey, you never know.

    I read an article about the eating habits of the Saudis – generally not good. A lot of them are or are on the verge of being overweight. Your services are needed.

    After brainstorming all of this, I think I want to become a RD! Smiles..I hope it works out for you. Billaahit tawfeeq.

  3. Masha Allah! What a common sense way to support women that need to work outside of the home. Widows, single-mothers, reverts, and even those that don’t necessarily “need” to, but have gifts from Allah subhaanahu wa ta’alaa that should be shared with the community. Ah.. America seems so backwards to me in this regard…

  4. i hv jst one question? mostly the xpats are suffering form their sponsers of late salaries and the late overtime if any ….like me i m suffering with 4 months salary and 18 months over time ,may u let me know hw n wat saudi labor law will on !!!!

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