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Ramadhaan Recipes: Appetizers

I did not read through each and every recipe however, the ones I did peep at look fairly easy and tasty. I plan to try some and will let you know how it goes. I’m not a great cook  (I can’t even make jello – seriously )… so, let the games begin :)
Mezze – Appetizers
abakadoo ma’ taheena – avocado appetizer
adas bil hamod – lentils with lemon juice
al-motubug – stuffed pastry squares
arabian cauliflower with tahini
aromatic lamb meatballs
aubergine dolmas
baba ghannouj – eggplant dip
banadoora maqliya ma’ thoom – fried tomatoes with garlic
batata bel lamoun wal cosbara – roast potatoes with lemon and coriander
berber bean purée
bessara– fava bean purée
black olives with harissa
cheese & walnut spread
chickpea and olive appetizer
cooked olive salad
cracked green olives with herbs and preserved lemon
creamy yogurt-and-walnut dip
dibis w’rashi– tahini and date syrup dip
eggplant & yogurt dip
eggplant meatballs
fatayer bisabanikh – spinach pastry
feta cheese dip
fried artichoke hearts with taratur sauce
fried eggplant
fried dried fava beans
fried zucchini with garlic yogurt
garlic pita crisps
hudhud ghanoush – turnip spread
hummus bi tahina – chickpea and sesame dip
hummus pitas with feta-olive salsa
hummus with flat bread
jawaneh – grilled chicken wings with lemon and garlic
jibne wa labneh – cheese and yogurt dip
korrat – leeks
laban cheese balls
laban ma’ habaq – yogurt and basil appetizer
lahm biajeen – ground meat pizza
lentil hummus
matesha masla – sweet tomato purée
microwave baba ghanoush
middle eastern lamb-stuffed zucchini with yogurt sauce
middle eastern sesame lamb meatballs with minted yogurt dip
midye dolmasi – stuffed mussels
mint-yogurt dip
moroccan herbed olives
muhammara – hot pepper dip
new potato with herbs & coarse salt with greek yogurt dip
persian shami
red pepper hummus
sabanikhiyat – turnovers with spinach filling
salatat bathinjan – eggplant appetizer
saudi samboosak
shredded beets with thick yogurt
shredded cabbage and tahini dip
sigara böregi – little cheese rolls
smoked caviar and hummus on pita toasts
tahinat el beid
tunisian potato & olive salad
turkish hummus
yellow pepper & sun-dried tomato appetizer a la tel aviv
zaytun msabbah – spiced olives

9 thoughts on “Ramadhaan Recipes: Appetizers

  1. I’d made my own hummus dish before, i followed all the directions from my Mediterranean cookbook and it did not look like the photo in cookbook or look like the hummus at the syrian resturant down the street from my house or taste like it. my kids didnt even eat it, and they’ll eat anything that looks like poridge to them lol.

    i was so excited because i love hummus needless to say i went back to buying my hummus outside. mashallah i do tend to make a good pot of addis, save my 2 riyals and make my own that will stretch for 3 days and still be in good condition to eat.

  2. Assalaam-o-Alaikum

    I’ve been through some of the recipes, InshaAllah i’ll try some when i get the chance.

    I want to ask, when it says ‘flour’, which flour does it usually mean?? I’m from the UK and here we never just say ‘flour’… its always plain (all-purpose), self-raising, bread, wholemeal, strong, etc…

    There are sooo many flours and for different purposes. Whenever i come across a recipe not from the UK it states ‘flour’ only and it never says which one?

  3. Wa ‘alaikumus salaam wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh. You’re asking the wrong person sister…(sorry with a smile). I have yet to perfect my Jell-O making skills let alone know the difference between “strong” and “wholemeal” flour…lol.

    Try searching the net for Middle Eastern cooking tips In Shaa Allaah. I hope it works out.

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