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Natural Remedies: Hair & Skin Eczema

Skin Eczema – 1 tablespoon full of onion juice, 1 tablespoon full of Wild Thyme (grind it down if it’s not “powder”) and 1 tablespoon full of Castor Oil, mix well, set aside. Wash the affected area with vinegar diluted with water, then place an equal, moderate of the Thyme mixture on the affected area once a day.

*The Dr. doesn’t go into details about how long it should be left on, etc. Please discuss info with your healthcare provider or with a qualified herbalist.*

Alf Su’aal wa Jawaab fee ‘Ilm al Aa’shaab

page 40

*Be sure to specifically ask for pure Castor Oil.

Recommended Supplements & Herbs for Eczema

Vit. B Complex, Essential Fatty Acids, Kelp, Vit. C w/Bio-flavanoids, Vit. E, Zinc, Chamomile, Blueberry Leaf, Guto Kola, Grapeseed, Yellowdock.

Source: Sihhatuk fil Meezan
GNC/Armaal Co.
Page 118

No details given per the aforementioned herbs and supplements.

Hair Eczema – Avoid sweating by washing the hair with water. Avoid skin fissures resulting from dry hair due to using confections like hair lotions and gel. Remove problematic foods (from the diet) that causes sensitivity like milk, chocolate, eggs, tomatoes (and various) flavorings (or seasonings/spices). Some natural treatments include: Aloe Vera gel extracted directly from the plant’s stem and leaves. Pure Jasmine Oil (counteracts hair eczema). Fresh onion juice, (after extracting it via a juicer), rub on the scalp.

*No info given on how much or how often these natural treatments should be used. Please discuss info with your healthcare provider or with a qualified herbalist.*

Excerpt Source: At Tibbul Akhdhar, page 22/23


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