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Natural Remedies: DIY Tummy Tamers & Facials with Myrrh

Grind Myrrh to a fine powder, mix with Olive Oil. Apply to stomach, firmly wrap a bandage around your waist. – Wear overnight. Apply till desired results are achieved. 

Myrrh Oil is excellent for cracked skin and feet. Myrrh powder also clears acne and dark scars left by pimples. This is a major seller here in KSA. It is a highly recommended facial treatment. Just mix the powder with water and apply. I have to confirm how long it should be left on the face. If you have sensitivity to scents, don’t use it.

Myrrh pulls toxins out of the body, treats mature stressed and traumatized skin, balances hydration and prevents tissue degeneration.
Pregnant women should not use the powder or oil on their tummies before giving birth as it contracts the uterus. 

The Bedouins also use Sukk (same directions apply). I have yet to find out what this is in English. It looks like reddish Rice Crispies.

DIY: I made myself a 3-in-1 medley consisting of Olive Oil, a bit of Mustard Oil, crushed Myrrh, Black Seed Powder, Turmeric Powder, Warss, Qust al Bahri and Oud al Hindi. I use it for pain relief, beautification (skin toner and astringent) and as a natural moisturizer. I really love it.

FYI: Myrrh & Rhassoul. More here.

Moroccan Msiek (i.e Ghassoul Chips) & Myrrh

2 thoughts on “Natural Remedies: DIY Tummy Tamers & Facials with Myrrh

  1. Assalamu`alaykumm Warahmatullahi Wabarakaatu

    Can we make Myrrh powder and mix it with water and apply on the face for acne and scars?

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